Stephen Vitiello is the one and only sound artist we studied this semester.  He is also a musician and photographer.  He records sounds in everyday situations and also edits them and adds more sound digitally.  He worked on the 91st floor of the world trade center, and here he would record the sounds that came from outside of his window.  He will sometimes have photographs that accompany his sound art, and he frequently works with other artists in collaborations with his sound art.

Stephen Vitiello’s work is very innovative and new.  I have a difficult time deciding whether or not I would say he is a “fine artist.”  I am only using the term “fine” because the sound aspect would not be considered visual.  He is definitely an artist, and I do like what he has created, but I don’t know what category I would place it under.  I would say that his pieces are not music, however they are in a way experimental music, which is also kind of sound art.  This experiment music is something I learned about in a MUSIC class, and I feel like they would fall into the same, or a cousin genre of Stephen Vitiello’s pieces.  Maybe this is a new kind of art that is just now being invented and will change the art world forever.