Looking at the dates (1970s) in which Vito Acconci began his work, one could say he was ahead of his time.  He has created both photography and video pieces, and and underlying theme in much of his work is confrontation and situationism.  A lot of his work is disturbing, in your face, someone violent, and sexual.

This picture is a still from a video piece that he did in 1972 called Undertone, in which he fantasizes that a girl is under the table rubbing his legs.

His work made me feel very uncomfortable, but I think that was the point.  In which case, if that was the point, he was successful.  When watching his videos, I had a hard time actually watching them because they were so disturbing (especially Pryings), but at the same time I could not stop watching.  It was a similar feeling to how I felt when we watched the Pipilotti Rist video in class.  His pieces definitely create an emotional response, for me at least, although I’m sure I’m not the only one.